A Story About Winston Salem Glass

Your nieces and nephews are coming to stay next week! Take a deep breath and relax, you can do this! Go into the garage and pull out the trampoline your kids never used, buy a few extra paper towels, and find that magnet with the Poison Center phone number on it. You’re almost ready!

Last time your sister’s little ones came over, they broke the glass in your favorite display cabinet, and the side window next to your front door. You know it wasn’t entirely their fault- after all, your house hasn’t been “kid-proof” since 2008. And the team down at PFAFF’S Home Decorating Center was quick to respond to your urgent phone call. The friendly staff were patient and extremely helpful as you wrangled the kids into their Winston Salem showroom to pick up your replacement display cabinet pane. And the repair staff drove out to your house just a few days later to install a new piece of custom glass for your front window.

PFAFF’S can assist with all Winston Salem glass services, from vanity mirrors to shower doors, and every broken window in between. You’ve had your eye on that gorgeous framed mirror in their showroom for a while now, but probably should wait until the little hooligans have come and gone before you bring it home. You hope you won’t need their services next week, but if you do, PFAFF’S will come out for an emergency repair any day or night of the week!

You know that you can trust PFAFF’S to complete every project with top quality craftsmanship and professionalism. Offing replacement glass, glass repair, framed and frameless mirrors, shower doors, storm doors, tabletop glass and more, PFAFF’S Home Decorating Center is your one-stop shop for every Winston Salem glass need.

Give us a call today, visit our website, or step into our showroom and it’s clear right away why we are the only choice in Winston Salem glass.