Winston Salem Glass Repair: A Story

So it turns out that sweet little Thomas next door broke your window while playing baseball in his yard. When you pull into the driveway, there he is, contrite and apprehensive, his little adorable knees tucked tight against his chin. You step out of the car. You can see the broken window from where you are standing on the driveway. Thomas is nervous, afraid you’ll be angry with him. But you smile.

You smile because Thomas has nothing to worry about. You smile because you know about the glass pros at Pfaff’s Home Decorating Center. Pfaff’s can handle any type of residential Winston Salem glass repair. Last year, when your “brilliant” husband walked right into the sliding glass door (and shattered it), the emergency team at Pfaff’s made a special trip to your house in the middle of the night. They inspected the damage carefully, measured for new glass, and fixed your sliding door quickly and professionally. Their dedicated staff worked with you through a repair process that was both speedy and simple. And while your husband was rubbing that sore spot on his head for a while, with Pfaff’s, glass repair is always easy and painless!

You walk up to Thomas and put your hand on his shoulder. He looks up at you with tear stains on his cheeks. You smile back and tell him that it’s okay. You know that all you need to do is simply bring in your sash, and the folks at the Home Decorating Center will measure it and quickly provide you with a custom replacement. You know that you can trust Pfaff’s to deliver only the best quality Winston Salem glass repair.

Pfaff’s will answer to any emergency glass repair situation and is available until 11:00pm on any night of the week. If interested, their sales and service estimators will come out to your property to give you a free quote for your next project. For all Winston Salem glass repair needs, you can trust Pfaff’s! Just make sure you tell Thomas that next time, aim for the house next door!