Sliding Glass Doors: Troubleshooting & Repair

So There’s a Problem with Your Sliding Glass Doors?
We Can Fix That.

In addition to offering access to your outdoor patio or balcony, your sliding glass patio doors can provide an efficient means for light to enter your home and also a great view of your backyard space or landscape. Throughout their lifetime, the life of the parts that make up the doors’ inner workings can become dirty or break. Below are a few problems that residents commonly experience with their sliding glass doors.

1. Broken Glass
The most obvious yet dangerous issue, broken sliding patio door glass can be a security risk and should be repaired as soon as possible. Pfaff’s Inc will drive out to your home to offer a free quote to repair or replace your sliding glass doors.

2. Broken or Dirty Rollers
The rollers are what move your sliding glass doors from side to side, and often gather dust, dirt, or debris throughout their lifetime. Some rollers develop cracks or bends that prevent correct movement. For replacement rollers, contact the showroom staff at Pfaff’s Home Decorating Center.

3. Bent Door Track
Bends in sliding glass door tracks can cause your rollers to jump off track, and can usually be repaired by hand with a set of pliers and a hammer. If you have trouble or need assistance, contact the professionals at Pfaff’s.

4. Stripped or Missing Roller Screws

If the rollers jump our of their track, it can throw the whole door out of alignment. Your sliding glass doors will be impossible to close until the problem is addressed. Double-check the screws on your rollers when the door is returned to its track. You may have to screw a few of them back in or replace them.

For sliding glass door repair and replacement, contact the glass experts at Pfaff’s Inc. Pfaff’s Glass, Paint, and Decorating Center has been proudly serving people of the Triad, Clemmons, Kernersville, and Lewisville for over a century. Since opening our doors in 1913, we have carried the bar in everything from customer service to product knowledge.

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