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Winter is Coming…

Your home is the command center for your family. One way or another, the majority of you end up sleeping under the same roof in the evening. If you have not noticed yet, winter is coming. That is not just a television reference, and what happens if your home is drafty? You do not want your children shivering under their warm covers while the wind whips outside and through the cracks in your windows. Not to mention, that draft is causing your heating bill to skyrocket from lack of insulation. Do you remember the last time you even had your windows replaced? If not, you should look into replacing them for the comfort of your family and the energy it will save.

When you decide to do some home glass replacement, look no further than PFAFFS Glass, Paint & Decorating Center. Founded in 1913 by Sam Pfaff, we have over a century of knowledge and experience in commercial and residential glass replacement and other projects. PFAFFS’ team can help you with any project you need. If you need home glass replacement, whether a whole window or just a window pane, we have you covered. We also specialize in repair and glazing.

Choose PFAFFS!

Give PFAFFS a call and our team will come to your home and give you a no obligation home glass replacement quote. We are a family owned and run business, and therefore know the importance of the comfort of your home. Our team will work diligently, quickly, and efficiently to get your windows back in top shape. We serve the Piedmont Triad region in the areas of Winston Salem, Clemmons, Lewisville, Kernersville, High Point, and Greensboro.

If you are in need of quick and well-done home glass replacement in the Piedmont Triad region, call PFAFFS Glass, Paint & Decorating center. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work. Call us today to see how we can help you.