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The Monster Mother-In-Law Comes for A Visit!

You recently renovated your in-law suite for your wife’s mother. The first time she visited to stay in her new living space, you weren’t aware she hated the color peach, but that’s the color you had the in-law suite bathroom. You now know she hates the color peach, and the mirrors, and the ceramic tub and shower combo. You and your wife immediately decided to scrap the whole bathroom design and start over again. Unfortunately, your mother-in-law just called to say she has modified her plans – she’ll be moving in in a week and you still haven’t touched the bathroom. Now you are in a time crunch and need help. Of all the Greensboro Interior Designers you could choose, PFAFFS Home Design Center is the team you should trust to help you complete this project in a timely fashion.

Let us help turn that Monster Mother-in-Law back into a mild maid!

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PFAFFS is located in Winston Salem, North Carolina but serves Greensboro and all areas in between, including High Point and Kernersville. We have been serving the Piedmont region since 1913, originally starting with glass and glazing. Now, PFAFFS specializes in all things from glass to wallpaper. Let us help you choose that perfectly not-peachy color for the in-law suite bathroom. We can also send a paint contractor to paint that bathroom for you so you don’t make a mess from rushing through. We have a variety of mirrors to choose from along with framing. If you would like to change your shower and tub combo to a rain shower, we can install that frameless shower door for you to give that bathroom the “pop” your mother-in-law wants in her living space.

PFAFFS is widely known as the most professional and timely company of all the Winston Salem and Greensboro Interior Designers. We look forward to earning a spot on your speed dial. Give us a call today to see how PFAFFS can go to work for you.