Pfaff’s Makes Glass Window Replacement Easy!

We hope that our home windows last a lifetime.
But accidents happen.100_1529

Unfortunately, these days a broken window doesn’t just let in a chilly draft. A shattered pane or cracked panel can become a danger to children and house pets, invite the notice of burglars or thieves, and run up your energy bill. It’s important to repair any broken widows in your home as soon as possible, to avoid putting your family and your wallet at risk.

Pfaff’s Makes it Easy

The professional glass window replacement experts at Pfaff’s Inc will send our expert team of estimators out to your property to give you a no-obligation quote for your Winston-Salem, Greensboro, or High Point glass repair. We are dependable, affordable, and provide you with only the highest quality products and service. Most importantly, our simple and practiced process offers you peace of mind.

A Solid City History…

Based out of Winston-Salem NC, Pfaff’s Inc was founded the same year the two cities merged to become what they are today. We have been the number one name in Glass Window Replacement since opening our doors in 1913- that is over a century of only the highest quality products and customer service!

We pride ourselves on meeting even the toughest and tightest construction schedules, as we know that a broken pane or broken door can mean your safety is at risk. We it upon ourselves to provide you with a secure solution quickly and professionally.

Here When You Need Us

It our hope that you and your family are never in need our glass window replacement services. But for life’s breaks, cracks, and shatters, you know that you can trust Pfaff’s Inc. to get the job done right away the right way.

Give us a call to schedule your appointment with our estimators today.