Fabulous Front Doors From PFAFFS

The Piedmont Triad region is no small plot of land. There are millions of buildings, from houses to restaurants, that have exposure to all kinda of fun elements. From cold weather to heavy summer storms, to the droves of people that walk in and out of them every day. You want your home, your business, your store, to look presentable and approachable to all passersby. The most important aspect of your building, though, is the entryway. When considering the look of your storefront or the curb appeal of your home, you want to make sure your front doors are in tip top shape.

Choose PFAFFS for your Front Doors!

For glass front doors or luxury front doors, look no further than PFAFFS Glass, Paint and Decorating service center. PFAFFS is number one in the Piedmont Triad region for home store sales and is willing to help you with any project you throw at them.

PFAFFS was founded in 1913 by Sam Pfaff. After World War II, his sons joined the business and the rest is history. The PFAFFS team has over one hundred years of knowledge and expertise aiding their work in all fields. Specializing originally in glass and glazing is what should make PFAFFS your go-to team for any front door work. We can send a team to install beautiful glass entry way doors for your business or restaurant. PFAFFS also specializes in window panes and glass in custom shapes, which gives you the opportunity to have a one of a kind front door that sets you apart from the other houses on the block.

PFAFFS can work around any time schedule. Our team is capable of handling demands and deadlines set by construction and living schedules. If you are in need of a home or store front facelift, call PFAFFS today and we will send you a glass specialist for a no obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you today!